Sunday, November 26, 2006

Blair on the Slave Trade

The BBC report that Tony Blair expresses his "sorrow" over the slave trade but will not offer an apology.

For once, I have to say I'm in agreement.

Nobody in their right mind could possibly argue the slave trade was a positive way for humanity to develop - although there is the argument that thanks to this disgusting way of treating people western society (in particular the European nations with former empires) has benefited greatly from this cheap labour.

So yes, we can all think back to this as a black time in our history but we (the current) generation do not owe the descendents of those involved in the slave trade an apology.

They have not directly/personally suffered as a result of this and it was not our generation who started or developed the slave trade.

Those demanding or expecting an apology should quite frankly get over themselves.

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Matt said...

Indeed! Good to see you didn't call him Bliar, people are sad who do that :p

I think i'm related to one of the pivotal players of the slave trade, could be wrong though! If someone asked me to issue an apology on behalf of my great great great great great great great great great great great uncle i'd tell them to shove it. I apologise for my actions and nobody elses.