Thursday, February 22, 2007


I'm somehow perplexed by the case playing out for who gets "custody" of Anna Nicole Smith's body.

I have no interest in the story itself but I caught this trial when I got in from work. The judge has drifted off on a number of wild tangents in the time I've been watching.

Now he's taking testimony over the phone from someone he's never met. The lawyer opposing this was quite right to "object on every possible level".

I can't decide whether this judge is insane or a genius!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sir Hayden Phillips - Hang your head in shame

How dare you.

How dare you attempt to force me as a taxpayer to fund party politics in this country.

On every level and for every possible reason I oppose this.

Put simply Phillips, because it is not the role of the taxpayer to ensure the survival of political parties.

If they cannot fund themselves from their supporters, they do not deserve to exist.

They spend so much money campaigning because they DO NOT deal with the electorate any more, its all soundbites and billboards.

It costs NOTHING to stand on a soapbox in a town centre. It costs nothing to visit town halls or other venues.

It costs MILLIONS to put up billboards or pay for adverts to attack your opponents.

If the parties want to do this, fine, let them - out of their pockets - not ours.

You miss the fundamental points and are working to help out the corrupt institutions are the heart of our "democracy". I'm sure you would say you were working within "limited terms of reference" - how convenient.

More on this here

Please do feel free to contact him via

Check out the No Public Funding website for more specifics on why this shouldn't be allowed.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cameron smoked dope



Only thing that is slightly irksome about this is that he only spoke of legalising it for medicinal use. That said, it was many years ago and people often experiment with drugs. Doesn't mean they condone them or support their use later.

My view - Adults should have the absolute right to decide what they put into their bodies.

Barack Obama

I've just caught his speech in Illinois and I have to say, for once, I believe a politician - he seems sincere.

His views on the past, present and future are exactly what the western world needs now.

I'd normally stay out of politics of another nation but in this case, I think i'm going to be hoping he wins the nomination and subsequent election.


When did we all become so weak and feeble that the lack of labelling showing the possibility of nuts being in chocolate became a new story/health scare?

You hear stories "my son is allergic to nuts, dairy products, yada, yada" and just think "are these people for real?!".

I'm sure there are some people who have genuine allergies but these MUST be rare - In the 80's, when I was a kid I never heard of such a thing.

What a bunch of wimps people in this country have become.

"The company said the products were "perfectly safe" for people without nut allergies to eat"

Truly moronic state of affairs.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Snow! For crying out loud!

Don't you just hate it when it snows in the UK?
No, not the snow. Not the cold, nor the damp or any of its direct effects.

Its far, far worse than that.

Firstly it begins with the weather forecasters slowly building up the potential effects.

They always issue warnings to "drivers" and that people should "only go out if absolutely necessary".

Then, sometimes, they get it right and its snows.

A bit.

Then all hell breaks loose!

Turn on the TV and you're bound to find some gormless twat or inane bint talking about the "chaos" and "massive traffic disruption" caused by what is usually less than an inch of frozen water.

It snowed around here earlier this week. It took me a few minutes extra to walk to the train station being careful not to slip on the ungritted pavements.

Thats it.

When I hear about "massive tailbacks" or "airport disruption" I want to tell that person to -

  • Shut up
  • Grow up

Its just so tedious. Year in, year out.

Annoyingly, the weather isn't as bad as it was even just a few years ago but nonetheless, the reports become more sensational, the risks become greater and the coverage lasts far longer.

A reminder to the media and any irritating moron who thinks this is big news -


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blair caught talking bollocks!

Are you surprised?

Of course you aren't!

Tony Blair has rejected claims that the UK is a "police state for Muslims" as "categorically wrong".



A Muslim activist has been arrested in east London over allegations of encouraging terrorism.


Blair, please, stop talking shite, retire and leave whoever replaces you to start undoing the damage you have caused.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blair: Der Untergang

We all know how in the last days of Hitler's rule of Nazi Germany he spent many weeks in his bunker, contemplating his and the nations fate as the allies advanced from all sides.

In his deluded state he tried to rally his troops for a counter attack, put his affairs in order then finally accepted the inevitable.

At this point, he and his wife committed suicide.

Now I'm not suggesting that Mr Blair should kill himself or the delightful Cherie, no, he should stick around to face up to his actions.

That said, its becoming apparent that the bunker mentality has truly set in within Downing Street.

Another poll has said Blair should go now & the News of the World report that John McTernan has been spilling the beans on the nefarious activities of the Blair regime. The report goes on to say -

Sources at the Crown Prosecution Service say they think police now have enough evidence to bring charges. Lord Levy faces two, abuse of honours and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Miss Turner can expect to be charged with Perverting the Course of Justice. And Sir Christopher Evans, the millionaire who lent Labour £1million in May 2005, faces a charge under the 1925 Honours (Prevention of Abuse) Act.

And last night CPS sources said they think the Prime Minister will be questioned again, a third time, possibly under caution.

I would dearly like to be a fly on the wall in Downing Street now.

Note: The BBC appear not to have reported this story. So much for Public Service Broadcasting.

Under 18's sent to Iraq

The BBC are reporting that a number of under 18 year olds were sent to Iraq in the first couple of years of the war.

Lib Dem education spokeswoman Sarah Teather said the government had shown a "shocking level of incompetence"


It has. That cannot be disputed but in this case, I have no arguement. If people can join at 16 they should expect to be sent into battle after appropriate training, irrespective of whether they are 18 or not.

If we are to say we must never send under 18's into battle then they should not be allowed to join the forces.

Really, its just that simple.

Most Suicide Bombers Are Muslim

A supply teacher has been sacked from a secondary school following complaints from Muslim pupils.

Pupils at the predominantly Muslim school claimed Mr McLuskey said most suicide bombers were Muslim.


Why was he sacked? He was factually correct.

In this PC state is it now a sackable offence to be honest?

I can see no reason whatsoever that this guy was fired.

What a disgrace.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Terrorist plots?

Given the news over the last 24 hours, I would recommend all read this article from MSNBC. It talks about a number of "alleged" plots since 9/11 and concludes -

What you gave us a week ago tonight, sir, was not intelligence, but rather a walk-through of how speculation and innuendo, guesswork and paranoia, daydreaming and fear-mongering, combine in your mind and the minds of your government, into proof of your derring-do and your success against the terrorists.

The ones who didn’t have anthrax.

The ones who didn’t have plane tickets or passports.

The ones who didn’t have any clue, let alone any plots.

But they go now into our history books as the four terror schemes you’ve interrupted since 9/11.

They go into the collective consciousness as firm evidence of your diligence, of the necessity of your ham-handed treatment of our liberties, of the unavoidability of the 3,075 Americans dead in Iraq.

Congratulations, sir.