Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam: Executed

I've just seen the initial footage of Saddam being led to the rope by his hangman.

Chilling stuff.

I'm a little unsettled with the cold, brutal practicalities of this but I'm convinced that he deserved it based on his actions in the past.

I support the death penalty.

That said, I have no doubt that prior to the trial, it had already been decided that he should be put to death.

I have no problem with this either in the circumstances. Personally, I'd have been inclined to put him against a wall and shoot him when he was found.

None of this however should give any comfort to the British and US governments.

Their duplicitous behaviour pre/post the war was illegal, immoral and based on lies. How many deaths have Blair and Bush caused in their campaign against one man? Should they also face their own trial & punnishments?

Did the ends justify the means?

New Years "honours" - What a load of old shit!

So Zara "looks like a horse" Phillips has been made an MBE by granny.

Scottish tosspot Rod Stewart scrapes in with a CBE.

I've cast my eye over the list and am struggling to find anyone who sounds like they may deserve an "honour".

For example, people getting them for "services to sport, particularly Rugby" - what the fuck is that?! Do they mean yet another sports "personality" (two words which really ought not to be used together) has been given an award for doing what they chose to do?

How about this one -

"Chief Executiv Officer, Association of Private Client Investment Managers and Stockbrokers. For services to the Financial Services Industry".

What "services"? Do they mean this person did what she was paid for yet still got an award - what benefit has this person brought to this country that warrants an honour?

I've had a good look through the list and it seems, once again that the little PC elite who ruin, sorry, run this country are patting themselves on the back and throwing the odd bone to someone who has actually earned an honour.

The amount of people on there for doing

1). What they chose to do.
2). What they are paid well to do.
3). That benefit no-one at all.

Is astonishing.

Perhaps its about time we got shot of this outdated concept along with the Royal Family?

OBE? What a load of old shit!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mail on Sunday!

Firstly, something lightheared from the Mail on Sunday. It would appear Lembit Opik, Liberal Democrat "entertainer" has been shagging one of the cheeky girls.

This man, currently engaged to irritating ITV weather presenter Sian Lloyd cleary has no taste or perhaps he's been taking a leaf out of CK's book and been hitting the sauce.

Is there any other explanation?

And now for something far more entertaining, seems the Labour Party are finally getting the message.

According to the paper -

- Labour's standing is so low that the party's only hope of recovering may be to abandon Mr Brown and 'move to a new generation' by picking a much younger new leader - though it warns of the perils of being 'disloyal' to the 'greatly respected' Chancellor.

- The public believes the party is riven by 'internal conflicts' and shows a 'lack of grip and competence on key issues' such as Iraq, the NHS and immigration.

- People who voted Labour at the last Election 'are moving across' to the Conservatives and Labour is floundering 'on every major issue'.

- Mr Blair faces a 's*** or bust' decision on how to stop the rot.

Sorry Labour, you have had your chances to regain some credibility and failed every time.

Even Jesus Christ himself could not save your chances at the next election.

That said, I'd vote for Gordon Brown if he arranges for Tony Blair to be charged and convicted in the Cash for Honours scandal then sent to the Hague for trial at the International Criminal Court.

Other than that, Its looking like i'm giving the main parties a miss in the next few elections. You're all a bunch of twats who don't deserve a single vote.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ashamed to be British/Happy Christmas from your political parties

What a day to be British eh?

Firstly it is announced 'we' are considering giving prisoners the right to vote. According to the EU, its against their human rights.

Fuck those who've human rights they've trampled to get themselves incarcerated in the first place.

Then our beloved war crminal leader is questioned by police as a WITNESS in the cash for honours probe.

Then the Serious Fraud Office cave in to Saudi pressure and end a probe into potentially criminal business practices (bribery & corrpution).

What a joke.

If you are still proud to be British after a day like today, I want to know why. Is this what previous generations fought and died for?

What a disgrace.