Thursday, March 29, 2007

Disproportionate Bank Charges: Have your say...

I'm not usually one for petitions, but in this case, I think i'll make an exception.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to bring in new legislation to prevent the current abuse by banks and companies in relation to Penalty charges.


In other news, the OFT today announced a review into these charges.

John Fingleton, OFT Chief Executive said: 'The UK retail banking market performs well in many dimensions, especially relative to international norms. However, the issue of bank current account charges is a matter of real concern to the banks' customers, and raises wider questions about competition and transparency of pricing. The initial scoping work we have undertaken has demonstrated to us that this is not only an issue for those people who are being charged, but also for customers who are not defaulting on their bank accounts.

'A quick-fix solution is not the answer as this might be of limited long-term benefit and could have unintended and far-reaching consequences across the whole sector and on consumers as a whole. We will look forward to co-operation from the banking sector in reaching a conclusion to this matter which is satisfactory to consumers and which will strengthen competition, efficiency and customer outcomes in the UK retail banking sector.'

For more on reclaiming your bank charges, please take a look at

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ruth Kelly: You should still resign

Some time ago, it was revealed that Ruth Kelly, former Education Minister was sending her child to a private school.

Despite the rank hypocrisy in this, she went on to complain that the Mirror had breached her sons privacy.

It was bollocks at the time and is still bollocks now. We all know nobody has the slightest interest in her children. They do have an interest in a minister essentially admitting that the service they enforce on the rest of us wasn't up to spec.

Its heartening to read today that the Press Complaints Commission have rejected her spurious, arrogant complaint.

Kelly, you are in imbecile of the highest order. A true Blairite. You think you can have your cake and eat it. You can't.

Once again, if you had any sense of decency, you would have resigned then. Now its even more appropriate.

Of course, we all know that as a Labour minister you are immune from resignation so you should be sacked. Trouble with that is, Blair needs all the cronies he can get at the moment.

You're a joke, not worthy of serving in McDonalds or Burger King let alone in Parliament or the Cabinet.

So please, do us all a favour, go fuck yourself!

Friday, March 23, 2007

UK sailors captured by Iran


Fifteen British Navy personnel have been captured at gunpoint by Iranian forces, the Ministry of Defence says.

The men were seized at 1030 local time when they boarded a boat in the Gulf, off the coast of Iraq, which they suspected was smuggling cars.

The Royal Navy said the men who were on a routine patrol in Iraqi waters, were understood to be unharmed.

Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett has demanded the immediate and safe return of the HMS Cornwall servicemen.

She added that she had called for a "full explanation" from Iran and had left them in no doubt that she wanted the group and their equipment back immediately.

The frigate's commander, Commodore Nick Lambert, said he was hoping there had been a "simple mistake" over territorial waters.

Not sure what to make of this as yet but it doesn't bode well.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cannabis Granny could be evicted

A 68-year-old grandmother who was convicted of growing cannabis at her Northumberland home is facing eviction if she does not stop using the drug.

Patricia Tabram, from Humshaugh, was spared jail at Carlisle Crown Court on 7 March after being found guilty of possessing and cultivating cannabis.

She claims to use the drug to relieve pain and depression, and has said she intends to continue "self-medicating".

But her housing association said she will be kicked out if she does.

Mrs Tabram was arrested in 2005 when police raided her bungalow near Hexham.

She was in breach of a six-month suspended jail sentence when the officers, acting on a tip-off, found the plants and growing equipment in a walk-in wardrobe.

During her trial, she claimed the drug helped relieve depression after the death of her son and pain following a car crash.

'Last resort'

Despite being warned that she faced a jail term for breaching the suspended sentence, she was given a 250-hour community service order.

Afterwards she said: "I'm going to go on medicating. The police can come to my house every week. I'll give them a cup of tea."

Milecastle Housing, the association with which she is a tenant, held a board meeting to discuss her future, and decided not to evict her immediately.

Tenant services manager Chris Scott said: "The board of Milecastle Housing has agreed to apply to the court for a possession order, suspended for up to two years.

"If the order is granted, she will be allowed to continue living at the property only as long as she observes the terms of her tenancy agreement and specifically does not cultivate, possess or use cannabis in the property.

"Mrs Tabram has been informed of the situation and that her right to remain a resident in the Milecastle property depends entirely upon her behaviour.

"We will be monitoring this very closely in liaison with Northumbria Police."

Milecastle Housing said it made the decision based upon Mrs Tabram's age, health and personal circumstances, as well as association guidelines which state that eviction should be a last resort.

What despicable behaviour from the housing association. What do they hope to achieve by evicting a pension for a little bit of pot?

I'm minded to write to them and express my disgust.

If you feel inclined to do so, their address is -

Milecastle Housing Ltd
Beaufront Park
Anick Road
NE46 4TU

Budget: Does nothing for me, screw you Brown

What a crap budget.

Trying to use this to gain some popularity? Cretin.

I would critique it point by point but I'm really not inclined to do so.

Brown: You are a no-hoper. You are a waste of space just like the rest of your party.

It does nothing for anyone.

Go hang your head in shame.

Monday, March 19, 2007

BBC: Free education isn't fair

According to The Register the BBC have suspended a free education resource portal because the EU are upset it might affect commercial providers.

Personally, I find this a sickening abuse of the power of the EC and that the BBC are out of order for bowing to this demand.

Education is one of the most important tools in our society. Profits for companies are considerably further down the list of priorities.

Quite frankly I'm disgusted with this approach and think MP's should demand its restoration forthwith.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Is Blair bovvered?

I wonder if this is how his interview about Cash for Honours went.

Israel won't deal with new Palestinian Government


Israel has reiterated that it will not deal with the new Palestinian government of national unity that is expected to be approved shortly.A spokeswoman for Israeli PM Ehud Olmert accused the cabinet, made up of rival Fatah and Hamas factions, of endorsing the use of terror.

Time was, I didn't take a view on the Palestine/Israel issue. Was just too deep seated in historical rivalry for me to get my head around it.

Over recent years I've watched and seen Israel act in a despicable manner and get away with it.

Last year, they murdered around 1,000 Lebanese citizens yet it is they who claim the "other sides" are terrorists.

The only reasons the West haven't condemned them and imposed sanctions are (it would appear):

  • They have backing from the US.
  • Any attempt to criticise the Jewish state is referred to as antisemitism.

I shouldn't have to say this but I guess I'm compelled: I have no issue whatsoever with the Jewish faith.

Politics is a different matter entirely.

Its time the world told Israel to wind its neck in.

The government of Palestine is a mater for the Palestinian people, not some cabal in Tel Aviv or Washington.

Comic Relief

I've just got back from work.

Last year, we used some of our resources to get staff taking calls for Sports Relief.

This year we decided that it went well so we would again field calls for the event.

Was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and we raised a small fortune in a short period of time.

More than that, having taken many calls myself, it was great to find out that there are so many generous, compassionate people in this country. Not just those donating but people like us, giving up our time to help out.

Its easily forgotten when we look at the depressing stories in the media just how good the people in this country are when we want to be.

That said, I think its only right to pass some form of comment on the subject matter itself.

I think last nights episode of The Apprentice showed where things are wrong:

People were making casual decisions about spending £25,000 or £150,000 on tickets for a fairground as if it were equivalent to spending 50p on a newspaper. At the same time, billions of people around the world are in desperate need of medical treatment, food, shelter, clean water, protection from violence etc.

The inequality in the distribution of wealth at every level should be tackled. But no rich country will ever intentionally make itself poor to help raise the standards of life in another.

Its things like this which make me question the value of capitalism. It seems greedy and selfish. Thats because it is.

Ok, thats my Bono bit over. I think i'll call it a night!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Who says we aren't heading to a Police State?

Technology + Legislation + Politics + Fear = Police state.

Ok, so I'm simplifying but most people can understand the concept.

The BBC report -

Police have used new technology to trace witnesses to a crash which killed four members of a Tyneside family.

Paula Gilbert, 29, her partner Neil Jex, 37 and sons Tristan, three and Kaiden, seven months, of Hebburn, died on the A1 near Catterick on 3 March.

The only survivor, Macauley Gilbert, eight, is recovering in hospital.

Police using Automatic Number Plate Recognition have identified 70 drivers who were in the area at the time of the crash and asked them to come forward.

They hope the letters they have sent out will jog the memories of people who may have information which could assist the investigation.

Now its fair to say this is a "positive" way of invading people's privacy but it won't bring back the dead.

Just goes to show that the technology to track people en masse and retrospectively is up and running. We all know about cell site analysis and use of other systems to track people but when they can query a database in this way then contact people just for being in an area at a given time, its cause for concern.

Just wait until they introduce ID cards. Oh, it'll be touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread but you can bet your bottom dollar it'll be hooked up to CCTV, facial recognition, the PNC and a whole host of other system.

The only thing they won't have is a camera in your home. Thing is, with profiling, is it really necessary to do that?

Be prepared to prove your innocence because it feels like the presumption of guilt is on its way in.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Something a little different

Bring back the birch

Seventeen primary school children have been shot with plastic pellets at a school in Staffordshire.

Police said 15 boys and two girls were hurt when a BB gun was fired at them in the playground at Etchinghill Primary School in Rugeley.

A 12-year-old boy was later arrested on suspicion of assault. Three boys from a different school were thought to have fired on the pupils from nearby bushes.

The youngsters suffered bruising but did not need hospital treatment.

The injured children are aged between seven and 11.

Source: BBC

Little bastard.

Don't waste my time with the irrelevant liberal crap about violence breeding violence.

Its little shits like this who need to be shown that there will always be a consequence to their actions.

Patientline: Parasitic capitalism

Most of us are familiar with the disgusting Patientline service enforced on those in NHS hospitals.

This greedy parasitic company is now facing up to the consequences of its extortionate costs.

In addition, the NHS is about to finally allow patients and visitors to use their mobile phones.

Its always been well known in the telecoms industry that the impact of these devices on equipment is minimal.

I've had cause to try and contact people in hospital over the last few years and have been charged a small fortune just to see how they were doing.

I'm sure others have too.

They also charge at least 3 x the standard rates for outgoing calls from hospital.

Of course, staff have (by and large) been totally brainwashed into believing quite the opposite.

Shows what happens when you allow people without a clue to dictate policy.

Finally, just take a look at the performance of the shares for Patientline (below):

How much more Mugabe will the world tolerate?

After the arrest and attack by Mugabe's police force on opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, Mugabe has been quoted as saying -

When they criticise the government when it tries to prevent violence and punish perpetrators of that violence we take the position that they can go hang

The U.K & U.S want to impose more sanctions.

Not good enough. Not even close.

Its evident that the West has no real intention of helping the people of Zimbabwe, isn't it time that the people rose against this vicious tyrant?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Confession: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Sky News, CNN and BBC News 24 are reporting that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has confessed to his role in the 9/11 attacks. (Link)

Funny that, I'd suspect 4 years internment in an illegal US prison would probably do that for you.

Whatever his guilt or innocence, the US Government must realise the confession is entirely worthless as its clearly been obtained under duress.

Its a strange state of affairs when the US and British Governments insist on bringing the rule of law to other nations whilst totally ignoring it when it suits them.

Trident: Independent Nuclear Deterrent

I have to say, I'm in agreement with the Commons vote on retaining our nuclear weapons.

I do have a couple of questions though:

  • What exactly is independent about it?
  • How can our government deny the right of self defence to countries like Iran if we are to retain our capability?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

BT: Bloody Terrible

What a shambles.

This company is an absolute disgrace.

If only I could ditch them entirely.

Sept 06: Take a chance and migrate to BT Broadband. Seemed like a reasonable deal.

Dec 06: Service deteriorates. Long, convoluted, pointless process with overseas script readers.

Feb 06: Establish BT have changed the product to my detriment without any notification.

Feb 06: As per terms of contract, service finally canceled within minimum term. Migrated to another ISP. Told bill would be held, adjusted accordingly then issued.

March 06: Electronic bill arrives for £115. Being incorrect and not itemised at all, email sent to BT stating that it should be ammended as per above.

March 06: Email sent from BT saying that it was a "monthly payment plan settlement invoice". As I only pay line rental to BT, there is no chance whatsoever i will remain paying them £48 per month. Replied explaining details.

March 06: Email saying "we can't see a cease order on your account". As a customer, I shouldn't "have" to know this but they do not raise a cease for a migration.

March 06: Call BT, as per usual, massive call queue.. "ring, ring" for 20 minutes with the occasional comment from their idiotic annoucer "we'll answer as soon as possible" - If it was as soon as possible, they'd have already answered the damned call! Get through eventually, person can't help. 45 minutes into the call and have got nowhere.

What a shambles.

If only I lived in a cabled area, BT wouldn't get a look in. This archaic, capitalist nightmare just can't hack life in the 21st century.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Is Lord Levy a corrupt liar?

The Judge certainly seems to think its a possibility -

The judge who granted the injunction at the police's request said "there is a substantial element of truth in what the intended BBC broadcast was to say".

I find this paragraph of the report particularly telling -

The police requested the injunction because they did not wish certain individuals to know in advance the nature of the document that they possessed.

C'mon fat lady, this is your cue!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A valuable lesson learnt: Drugs ARE bad

For the last 5 years, I've been a frequent cannabis smoker.

It began when I first moved away from home. I'd led a quiet, normal life until that point.

I moved to an area where I knew no-one except one or two new colleagues. In particular, I grew close to one person I worked with.

Initially, I began smoking cigarettes. People were talking about "dope" and I decided to give it a try. If I'm honest, for two reasons:

  1. Curiosity.
  2. I guess I thought I would make some friends this way.
I enjoyed it and did make friends with a number of people.

Since then, I've smoked it most of the time.

Last summer there was a "drought", this made good quality skunk or resin difficult/impossible to find and increased the price.

Its been a sellers market around here since then.

Getting sick of scumbag dealers and the "hassle" of obtaining a supply, I'd began looking into legal alternatives.

I found Spice Gold. This mixture reproduces some of the effects of cannabis but does not contain the active ingredient (THC).

I've been smoking this (mainly in a bong) for the last month or two.

Last week I felt like trying something totally new. I opted to buy Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. They are described as:

LSD-like effects, but less intense, with less visuals. Trip lasts 6-8 hours; tranquil feelings may last additional 12 hours. Sleep is deep and refreshing after trip, however some users may experience a hangover characterized by blurred vision, vertigo, and physical intertia.

The active ingredient is LSA.

These are legally available in the UK and cost around £3 for five seeds

I'd never taken anything of this type (or even close) before.

At 17:30 i opened the pack. I'd bought 10 but being new to these, I decided to take four (generally recommended number to 'try').

Using a penknife I removed the outer layer and scraped off the white bits as best I could.

I then gave each a quick burn with the lighter.

Again using the penknife, I crushed the seeds then split them in half.

At 17:40 I placed one in my mouth, checking i could stand the taste.

I could so I put the rest in.

I chewed then held them in my mouth for maybe a minute or two then swallowed.

This wasn't on an empty stomach and for the first hour, I thought nothing was going to happen.

As 19:00 approached I was feeling very intoxicated, similar feeling to being very drunk. I found my interest was in random things and would start laughing for no reason. I was watching TV and it felt like the programme was jumping out of the screen.

Shortly afterwards I lost most cognitive function. I guess I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember it was after 20:00 and I'd received an SMS message. I tried to respond but was clearly in no fit state to do so. I felt being in contact with anyone at that point was probably a very bad idea so switched the phone off and put it away.

I watched Rory Bremner and found it hilarious (to be fair, it always is anyway).

During the show, I noticed time seemed to slow down. I felt tens of minutes had passed in just a minute or two. This lasted for many hours.

I watched BBC 4 who had some shows on about 1997. I remembered many details about this time, things I've not considered for years.

I was concerned about my breathing for a short while and was concious as to whether I was breathing or not. This passed after about 30 minutes. I would also find myself one minute running my fingers through my hair, the next biting my finger nails then dropping my arms down again. I suspect this would have looked insane if someone else had seen it.

Around 23:00 I opened the window to get some fresh air. I leaned on the window ledge looking out. I felt totally detached from everything going on outside.

Around 30 minutes later, I started to feel a little more "with it" and resolved to go to bed - in a bit.

My mind drifted onto the negative parts of my life and i felt pangs of anxiety and a little fear. Then I'd feel euphoric and all would be great.

At 00:30 I went to bed. Thinking I might have been in for a long sleep, I set my alarm - I never normally do this on a Sunday.

I couldn't sleep so after what seemed like an eternity (was only an hour), I got up, had something to eat and went back to bed.

I must have finally drifted off around 02:00.

This morning, I woke around 08:45. I almost felt hungover, just without the sickness.

The whole experience has proven to me two very important things which I guess I've always know but have convinced myself isn't the case:

  • Messing with our bodies and minds in such a way is potentially very dangerous. I can't help thinking what i must have looked like/been like last night. I'd never want to see anyone in that state - ever.
  • On a more fundamental level, using cannabis doesn't become a problem the first time you smoke a joint. Nor is it a problem if you smoke it once in a blue moon. Regular use of this creeps up on you and before you know it, you need it. You tell yourself "I don't need it, i want it". That isn't true. I am pleased I took the seeds for this reason. It was a short time in my life showing me what I've done over the last few years and where its led to.
I have now thrown the remaining seeds down the toilet.

I will not take them or anything like them ever again.

I have no intention of buying cannabis or any substitute again.

I can sum up the experience as: enlightening but scary. I never want to feel that out of control ever again.

Before I started smoking (anything) I used to enjoy life, be full of vigour and be reasonably level headed. I feel I've thrown caution to the wind over the last few years. My career has probably not progressed in the way It would have had I not smoked it. My personal life is certainly not what It should be or what it was.

Drugs of any kind are bad.

But. As a country, its not the drugs themselves which need to be tackled, its the supply of drugs.

Cracking down on dealers doesn't work. There are always ways and means of obtaining them.

We must discuss this important subject as adults instead of being lectured to like children.

The problem for most people in the UK with drugs is the associated crime. The crime is typically one of the following -

  • Drug induced crime - People committing crime under the influence of drugs.
  • Dealer related crime - Violence against anyone who might cross them (turf wars, creditors, etc)
  • Economic crime - Crime to obtain funds to purchase drugs.
The first you will only ever eradicate if no-one takes drugs. Quite honestly, that is never, ever going to happen - but we can reduce the numbers.

Dealer crime will go once the "dealers" are licenced chemists.

The last one is in my view, the biggest crime related to drugs use. The problem is that in a black market economy, demand is always high, supply always low. This means people have to pay a lot of money to get whatever it is they are after.

In a regulated market, you can control pricing, quality, supply & identify those in need help - intelligently directing resources where they are needed.

Dealers can't exist without customers. They will eke out a living for as long as they can, but when demand dries up, they have to move on.

I know this won't be popular with many people. But the fact is, drug use is so endemic amongst the younger generations of this country that action must be taken soon. The so called war on drugs has only managed to cause inconvenience for drug users, It has never reduced the demand.

Finally, I could go on to make a case for alcohol being prohibited due to the effect it has on the health of people and the effects on society, but we know prohibition doesn't work - Just ask the Americans!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cameron: You are WRONG

Mr Cameron.

You are entirely wrong to accept the resignation of Patrick Mercer -

1. He said:

I came across a lot of ethnic minority soldiers who were idle and useless, but who used racism as cover for their misdemeanours.

I remember one guy from St Ann's (Nottingham) who was constantly absent and who had a lot of girlfriends.

When he came back one day I asked him why, and he would say: I was racially abused. And we'd say: No you weren't, you were off with your girlfriends again.

What the hell is wrong with that?! He's stating a opinion based on experience. He did NOT say "all ethnic minorities are lazy", that would be a different matter.

2. He is representing legitimate views held by members of the public. Whether you PC facists like or accept it or not is another matter. Its undemocratic to censure an MP for expressing an opinion or speaking about something he has seen happening.

You should not have accepted or (if this is the case) pushed for his resignation. You now appear weak, easily swayed and have reacted in a way one would expect the Labour party to respond. This does you no favours. You have a LOT of GOOD work to do if you think you're getting my vote. If there were an election tomorrow, it wouldn't go to the Tories or Labour.

Now, how about the snide, cynical opportunism of Labour with this "story"?

Labour MP Sadiq Khan said: I find these comments shocking and most members of the public will find them outrageous.

Mr Khan, you neither speak for me nor represent my view. You are doing what so many others from "ethnic minorities" do - screaming racism when it doesn't exist. To my mind, your comments are far more dangerous than those of Mr Mercer. I would suggest you resign, now.

Adam Ingram -

Racist abuse can have no place in any walk of life, and it is appalling and inappropriate for any politician, never mind a senior Tory MP like Patrick Mercer, to suggest that 'this is just the way it is in the Army'.

Get the facts right, Mercer was talking about meaningless banter between colleagues in which everyone was fair game. Its nothing as insidious as you claim.

Ed Davey

These are staggering remarks from a frontbench spokesman. Comments like this undermine all those in the Army who have gone to great lengths to ensure that every soldier is treated fairly.


Jack Straw

The comments are breathtaking and dreadful and Mr Mercer's resignation is appropriate.

Wrong. They are neither breathtaking or dreadful. His resignation reflects what a shameful state of affairs we now have to put up within our "democracy".

Shahid Malik

Said the remarks showed the Tories remained the "nasty party".

Nothing nasty in what Mercer said. Again, another tosser using the race card. If the Tories are the 'Nasty Party", what the hell does that make the evil, corrupt, authoritarian, PCist Labour Party?


Welcome to the 21st Century.

Goodbye freedom of speech and the right to hold an opinion.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A message to all in N.I.

We're pleased you've held elections.

We're thrilled the killings seem to have stopped.

We're positive for your future.

Don't fuck it up- We aren't *that* interested.


I'm a subscriber to the Newsnight email service.

Somewhat cryptic comment about tonights lead story -

I'm afraid we can't yet give you any details about the story we're leading the programme with tonight but it's a shocking story and it's well worth tuning in for.

They don't mention cash for honours at all in the email.

Is this another revelation? Are we having a repeat of last Friday night at this very moment? Is it something entirely different?

Updated 07/03/07 22:26 -

Story is this -

Drunk, aggressive female chav causes criminal damage & resists arrest.

Is (allegedly*) hit by Police in an attempt to "subdue" her.

The statement by the officer concerned explains she was violent towards him.

Quite frankly, Its about time the police did give these scum a kicking again.

Perhaps they'll think again.

Of course, this means the filthy slapper is now likely to end up with some compensation.

Oh, and it gives the black supremacists (i.e. everyone else is a racist brigade) ammunition.

Thanks Newsnight but I wish you'd just explained the nature of this non story before. I could have had an early night!

*Its not at all clear that she is indeed being hit by the officer. The criminal (convicted) doesn't claim this (doesn't remember apparently, guess overdoing it on the Brandy does it for you).

Fully elected upper chamber

Parliament has now voted to make the House of Lords a fully elected part of the legislature.

From a contemporary democratic point of view, this is a good thing. No more right to sit based on accidents of birth or by virtue of large donations to political parties.

On the other hand, the upper house has recently shown its worth by rejecting bills from the Commons.

Does making the Chamber fully elected make it more likely to support the government of the day?

Is it really a good idea as it sounds?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Blair: The Inside Story

Tonight, 21:00, BBC 2:

The final part of Michael Cockerell's series tells the inside story of Tony Blair's final years in office. It is a period dominated by a range of crises: Blair's heart problems, his troubles with Gordon Brown, the aftermath of Iraq, the plots to overthrow him, cash for honours allegations and endless questions about when he would leave Number 10.

Followed by the Ten O'Clock News & Newsnight.

Mr Blair, the sand in your hourglass is getting dangerously low.

Totally Innocent

So Scooter Libby got his fingers burnt.

That's what happens when you are a manipulative, self absorbed arrogant fool working for an authoritarian regime.

They won't protect you if it means their neck is on the block.

I wonder what those involved in the cash for honours affair are feeling.

My heart bleeds.

It really does.

Serves the lot of them right. If they had any morals they wouldn't have allowed themselves to get into this position.

Two sleaze ridden governments. Two governments facing criminal charges, two governments loathed by the majority of the world.

Good to see the special relationship is still special!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Injunction: Stop messing people about

I've just been reading that a decision has been taken to "relax" the injunction on the BBC so they can name those involved in the email saga.

Enough already!

Either its prejudicial to a possible trial or it isn't.

Censorship of this type should be ignored.

Now Downing Street are "disputing" the "story" yet none of us are allowed to hear the detail.

What a crazy state of affairs.

This country, supposed bastion of liberty and democracy is those things in name only. Men, accused of Rape for example are named, in circumstances where it is later shown the woman was a liar, these men have tarnished reputations for life.

Yet when It comes to the little elite who ru(i)n this country, its a different story altogether.

Message to the CPS, Judge, Police & Government: Take a shit or get off the pot.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Injunction Update

Since it was revealed on Friday that the Attorney General had obtained an injunction against the BBC, the blogs have been widely speculating as to the nature of the story.

The Sunday papers seem reflect this speculation, i.e. that the story centres on an email between "two of Blair's senior aides".

Which two "senior aides" have been arrested so far?

What specifically does this email say?

Are charges imminent?

Where is Blair this weekend? What about the rest of the cabinet or the usual Sunday morning mouthpieces?

There has been some speculation that this could have been leaked by sources from Downing Street to allow for a defence of an unfair trial. As a result, we don't want to give them any ammo, to that end, until this is resolved I'm turning comment moderation on this blog.

That said, I'd like more people to participate more in this blog, so feel free to leave your comments, just might take a little time to appear!

Friday, March 02, 2007

What does the BBC know?

Tory Blogger Iain Dale reported earlier this evening that "the government (or maybe it's the Labour Party) has tonight taken out an injunction against the BBC to prevent the reporting of something substantive regarding the Cash for Honours Inquiry".

Now, the BBC confirm that the Attorney General has obtained an Injunction against the BBC reporting a story they claim is "in the public interest".

So just what does the BBC know? Who does the injunction really protect?