Friday, November 14, 2008

Gordon Brown on "Baby P"

PM Gordon Brown has denied his government are passing the buck in the tragic case of "Baby P".

His spokesman said

"There is an appropriate body for complaints regarding social care

"It is right that complaints should be directed to the Commission for Social Care Inspection to take appropriate action."

I'm sure that baby would agree had it become old enough to know the difference.

As it stands, a whistleblower alerted a number of Ministers of the situation in Harringey and were just bounced around difference organisations instead of someone realising the significance and taking ownership.

Quite frankly these despicable people have blood on their hands today.

Anyone working in industry knows that taking ownership of issues as they arise is critical. Why do ministers (elected to serve) not share in this?

And now, the cold hearted PM dismisses criticism by hiding behind process and procedure.

Nice to know how caring the state is.

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