Saturday, May 19, 2007

A great [Legal] alternative to Cannabis

I've always enjoyed a smoke. Find it a good way to wind down and far less harmful than alcohol.

Last year, there was quite a drought in the UK so rarely smoked any after that.

Instead, I found a legal alternative. Been smoking it on and off for a few months now.

I know many people who just don't believe in the legal options, they feel it is unlikely to have an effect. On the whole, this is true.

This stuff bucks that trend, Its called Spice and can be bought online or in local 'headshops' in the UK.

The regular version is less potent than Spice Gold but still produces a powerful relaxed, stoned feeling.

It doesn't mimic the taste of cannabis (resin or green) but it is rather pleasant (perhaps a little sweet for my liking).

Only downside I've found is that you still feel quite stoned the following morning and need plenty of water to get rid of a very dry mouth!

[NB: This is not an advert, just worthy of a mention - other suppliers are available - i have no affiliation with the link]

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