Sunday, May 20, 2007

UK Citizens should get priority


The Industry Minister Margaret Hodge has said UK families should be given priority over immigrants when it comes to receiving council housing.

Well DUH!

Just goes to show what a sorry state of affairs this country is in when this is put out as something we 'should be doing' - it should never have been any other way.

Essentially, until we have homes for everyone born in this country we shouldn't entertain giving foreign citizens anything.

We're a soft touch and it MUST STOP!

The report goes on to say -

Nancy Kelley, head of international and UK policy at the Refugee Council, told the paper: "The way to counter some of the views put forward by far-right parties is not to follow their lead."

She also pointed out that people who are confirmed as refugees in the UK are entitled to council housing but on the "same basis as a UK national, on the basis of need".

Firstly Nancy, some of these right wing parties actually have a point. Its left wing idiots like you who are trying to stifle legitimate views held by a significant number of the population.

As for the "same basis as a UK national" - UK nationals MUST always have priority over everyone else.

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