Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is the face of 21st Century Britain

This vile scumbag is typical of many teenagers and adults who infest the streets of the UK.

It is reported that he was personally responsible for 40% of crime in his town until his father reported him for damaging the family home.

Sadly, this type of vermin are common in the UK.

Most days of the week I see these types of people damaging property, physically attacking passers by, urinating in public, intimidating & shouting abuse at anyone they feel 'deserves' it.

On public transport they damage infrastructure, assault passengers & staff, play loud 'chav' music on their cheap mobile phones.

In their homes they play music to all hours irrespective on how many times they've been warned by the police or local authorities.

I grew up in one of the (officially) most deprived parts of the UK during the 80's/early 90's. Times were tough, unemployment was high & crime was endemic. Rarely did it include unprovoked aggression or rampant destruction of property.

The scale of this behaviour is worrying - now many parents and children are as bad each other - they've behaved this way unchecked so its natural their offspring follow in their parents footsteps.

What do we get in return? ASBO's and community service.

It would be a joke - if it was funny.

I don't claim to have the answers. How exactly do you deal with a sub working class feral group of people?

For starters, perhaps if the police didn't humour them as much as they do (friendly chats, on street warnings), maybe if the courts started handing out real sentences (not just a slap on the wrist) so that both deterrent and punishment can be understood by these people? How about people (usually people who don't have to live in areas infested by these vermin) stop making excuses for unacceptable behaviour?

We also have to enquire as to why we tend to be paying benefits to these workshy yobs. There is a job out there for every able bodied person. No excuse for not paying their own way.

Its time for a REAL CRACKDOWN on these people. They ruin the lives of countless honest hard working people.

More can be done - why do we accept that it isn't already happening?

This post is probably an extensive rant rather than a well formed arguement but I'm pig sick of these bastards!

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Anonymous said...

Same here..... All this seems to have increased under the tender auspices of Neues Arbeits Partie and its PC Lefty-wonkers who deem that 'Nobody is responsible for anythng they do, because its everyone elses fault!"

'Tough on Crime' we heard Teflon B'laaire and Pa Gollums mcDoom shout... Its all lies and bullsite... after all Chavdom is one of Liarbores natural contituencies.... those Doley Scroungers with hands out for more will vote of Pa Broone and Pals (assuming any of them can pu their 'X' on a Ballot Form. Meanwile, cahvdom keep burglarising their own neighburhoods and preying on those who they live amongs, all fuelled by 'Special Bru' and 'Puff'....

Sod the lot of them. A few more 'Little Sodjiers' who self-award themselves with a 'Darwin Awrd', the more the merrier..!!

At least they won't be breading more Chav Mungs....!!!

(Fred Tiddlypop of the Township of Dundee, in the fair County of Angus).