Sunday, July 08, 2007

Update on the Cannabis Granny

Back in March it was announced that Milecastle Housing were taking cannabis granny Patricia Tabram to court in order to evict her should she use, cultivate or deal the drug from their rented property.

Mercifully, a judge has decided that there will be an order but only to prevent Mrs Tabram if she cultivates or supplies the drug. This means she will be able to continue to use cannabis on the premises and can only be sanctioned by the police.


As an aside, It would appear that Milecastle Housing are paying attention to the negative publicity on this subject.

On the day of the judgement (Friday) I recieved the following hit to the previous entry -

Referring Link granny milecastle&meta=
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City London

So, If you're reading this Milecastle, leave the old dear alone. She's doing harm to no-one. If the state is so backwards as to not supply appropriate pain relief to those who need it, it isn't your place to operate as an moral guardian.

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Fred Tiddlypop of Dundee and Angus said...

Oh bugger offski.... this will just open the doors for other Cannabis growing mungs to 'excuse themselves' for their habits...