Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Years "honours" - What a load of old shit!

So Zara "looks like a horse" Phillips has been made an MBE by granny.

Scottish tosspot Rod Stewart scrapes in with a CBE.

I've cast my eye over the list and am struggling to find anyone who sounds like they may deserve an "honour".

For example, people getting them for "services to sport, particularly Rugby" - what the fuck is that?! Do they mean yet another sports "personality" (two words which really ought not to be used together) has been given an award for doing what they chose to do?

How about this one -

"Chief Executiv Officer, Association of Private Client Investment Managers and Stockbrokers. For services to the Financial Services Industry".

What "services"? Do they mean this person did what she was paid for yet still got an award - what benefit has this person brought to this country that warrants an honour?

I've had a good look through the list and it seems, once again that the little PC elite who ruin, sorry, run this country are patting themselves on the back and throwing the odd bone to someone who has actually earned an honour.

The amount of people on there for doing

1). What they chose to do.
2). What they are paid well to do.
3). That benefit no-one at all.

Is astonishing.

Perhaps its about time we got shot of this outdated concept along with the Royal Family?

OBE? What a load of old shit!

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Rik Bean said...

I agree completely. The 'Honours' system gives itself away by awarding the lowest gongs to those who have contributed to society for long years, and the highest ones to those who have made a packet doing what they do.

They, the establishment and the monarchy have no place in this society.