Sunday, February 04, 2007

Most Suicide Bombers Are Muslim

A supply teacher has been sacked from a secondary school following complaints from Muslim pupils.

Pupils at the predominantly Muslim school claimed Mr McLuskey said most suicide bombers were Muslim.


Why was he sacked? He was factually correct.

In this PC state is it now a sackable offence to be honest?

I can see no reason whatsoever that this guy was fired.

What a disgrace.

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Anonymous said...

Why was he sacked? He was factually correct.

was he though? i could declare that most paedophiles are christian, it may be right but it's more ambiguous.

did the teacher state it was a fact? if he did was there any factual evidence to back it up?

i've no doubt that within 5 years if things stay the way they are in Iraq and Afghanistan and if there's military action against Iran it could be an undisputed fact.

untill then perhaps you and Mr McLuskey should read up on the tamil tigers.

finally, if you're discussing the pros and cons of religion i do hope he was consistent and brought up the abuses perpetrated by the church, though i doubt it, because that's more politics than religion no?