Friday, February 09, 2007

Snow! For crying out loud!

Don't you just hate it when it snows in the UK?
No, not the snow. Not the cold, nor the damp or any of its direct effects.

Its far, far worse than that.

Firstly it begins with the weather forecasters slowly building up the potential effects.

They always issue warnings to "drivers" and that people should "only go out if absolutely necessary".

Then, sometimes, they get it right and its snows.

A bit.

Then all hell breaks loose!

Turn on the TV and you're bound to find some gormless twat or inane bint talking about the "chaos" and "massive traffic disruption" caused by what is usually less than an inch of frozen water.

It snowed around here earlier this week. It took me a few minutes extra to walk to the train station being careful not to slip on the ungritted pavements.

Thats it.

When I hear about "massive tailbacks" or "airport disruption" I want to tell that person to -

  • Shut up
  • Grow up

Its just so tedious. Year in, year out.

Annoyingly, the weather isn't as bad as it was even just a few years ago but nonetheless, the reports become more sensational, the risks become greater and the coverage lasts far longer.

A reminder to the media and any irritating moron who thinks this is big news -


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