Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cameron smoked dope



Only thing that is slightly irksome about this is that he only spoke of legalising it for medicinal use. That said, it was many years ago and people often experiment with drugs. Doesn't mean they condone them or support their use later.

My view - Adults should have the absolute right to decide what they put into their bodies.

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chris morrell said...

Yes i agree, and, to be more credible and consistent, Camerons' line now, should be more along the lines of...let's de-criminalise "dope"..because,even long-term users seem to be able to hold down jobs etc..and that way it would not be a "Gateway" to harder stuff, because of the people you have to hang out with, in order to get it...Otherwise it looks like: "Posh" kid at Eton smokes dope,for a bit "no big deal".."working-class" kid smokes dope,slap an ASBO on and induct them into a world of life-long criminality... Alchohol is the bigger threat to health and Social cohesion anyway...
Did you see that picture in the "Independent On Sunday" today?..Cameron and his fellow " New Romantics" , among them Boris Johnson...personally, i found i had to break COMPLETELY with the "dope smoking" crowd when i decided to stop!
Cheers Chris Morrell