Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blair: The man is taking the piss!

Forget whatever else we know about Tony 'War Criminal' Blair for a moment.

Lets consider his comments today about the Sailors stories farce.

Apparently, Blair thinks that -

"in hindsight" the navy's decision to allow sailors held captive in Iran to sell their stories to the media was not a "good idea".

Hindsight? What is the man talking about. Was blatant from the off that it was a terrible idea. It was condemned before the papers hit the press. Hindsight?! Give me a break!

Apparently Blair wasn't "involved in the decision". Does anyone believe him? Really.. do any of you believe a word this man says?!

Earlier, Defence Secretary Des Browne said he took full responsibility for allowing the stories to be sold.

Lots of Labour Ministers 'take responsibility' for poor decisions. How come they remain in office? Surely flawed decision making at this level should result in the sack - immediately?

Mr Blair said that he did not think such stories would be sold in future.

Were they sold in the past? Were they fuck! I'm reminded of Winston Smith's job in 1984, seems Blair thinks he can rewrite the past.

"With hindsight was that a good idea? No, precisely because people would then misrepresent that somehow the navy were encouraging people to sell their stories, which they weren't doing at all."

Err. No. That isn't the issue at all. Serving members of the armed forces should never profit from the role in this disgusting way.

As for the propaganda value, please! We look like idiots from whichever angle you look at this farce.

He said he, and the navy, were "not content" with the decision but felt they had little choice, given that the stories had to be told in the freed captives' own interests "to counteract the propaganda the Iranians had put out using them".

What absolute nonsense! If there was a good reason to get these stories out, the Sailors could have quite easily issued a statement through the MOD, without payment, without seeming like greedy, manipulated fools.

Mr Cameron responded to Mr Browne's statement by saying there should be a full Ministry of Defence inquiry, to allow lessons to be learned.

He's no better. Enquiry! As Jim Royle would say - "enquiry my arse!". If Browne made the decision, his head should roll.

Cameron - grow some balls or piss off back to your posh country pad and stay they you useless berk!

For me, this has once again shown our government to be a bunch of idiotic liars, incompetent spin merchants, propagandists and imbeciles.

What a bunch of wankers!

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