Sunday, April 08, 2007

More propaganda: Sailors to sell stories

It was revealed today that the MOD (yeah, right, so this didn't come from Downing Street?) have allowed the captured sailors to sell their stories to the press.

What a sickening state of affairs.

The propaganda coming out of the UK for the duration of this 'crisis' was no different from that coming out of Iran: lies & spin.

What an undignified approach to this event.

I wasn't going to criticise the sailors directly, I feel that they probably took the right actions in not fighting back when massively outnumbered. I think they made a dignified (although not entirely true) statement at their Press Conference.

If they wish to get "their side of the story" out there then they should provide a statement which the MOD should release. They should not profit from this event. They should not allow themselves to be a propaganda tool for the government.

This type of thing does them great dis-service personally and plays into the hands of Iran (assuming Iran were in the wrong).

The whole situation is quite bizarre as it seems nobody has gained any strength or credibility. What it has done though is prove that the UK is a weak, banana state republic which has disgraced itself yet again on the world stage.

A message to the sailors: take your 2 weeks leave, do with it as you wish then quit or go back to work. I personally don't want to see or hear from you again. I'm sure this is representative of all but the Little Englanders at the Sun & Mirror.

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