Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Iran release captives; time to comment

So Iran is about to release the 15 British personnel it arrested on March 23rd.

Perhaps now is an appropriate time to look back on this event and the response of the British Government.

The government insisted that these people were in Iraqi waters when they were detained.

Many people did not trust this statement due to the lies we had prior to our invasion of Iraq

People always said that the government might not be trusted in circumstances such as this in future. I firmly believe that to be the case on this occasion.

We dithered and sounded weak on the world stage

We are weak

What could we have done about this? Short of Nuking Tehran, absolutley nothing. We simply no longer have the military strength to take on this country. What with the reduction in our military capacity and the ongoing occupation of Iraq, its hardly surprising.

China and Russia crippled our lame attempt to get a statement at the UN, instead, we got a feeble comment which was laughable.

Ahh, but diplomacy saved the day

Really?! Two weeks of international humiliation for our service men & women, our nation and government is a good thing?!

Those Iranians are a bunch of duplicitous bastards

Profoundly disagree. We've been dictating to other nations for so long that when they stand up to us, we start calling them lunatics, dangerous, etc. Its not them who invaded Iraq without moral or legal justification. Its not them who've historically destroyed the character of the middle east, its not them who caused the conflict in the middle east. No, that lies firmly on our shoulders. We should learn our lesson - mind our own business. If Iran want Nukes, let them have them, if "we" don't want them to have them, destroy ours.

We don't own the world, we aren't in charge, we're a weak, morally bankrupt, greedy, undemocratic, uncivilised country.

We should spend a considerable amount of time assessing our priorities and putting right the ills of our society without dictating to others.

As for Blair swanning around like he's a hero: Fuck you, war criminal!

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