Saturday, April 21, 2007

A nation of Immigrants

A 'pamphlet' has been released claiming the UK may have reached a tipping point which may irreversibly change the character of our nation.

I think the report is right.

Before anyone makes a comment that discussion about this is racist, please, go fuck yourself, stop stifling debate!

This country is geographically insignificant with limited resources.

Its already overpopulated, crime is high, people can't afford decent homes because we aren't building enough to cope with demand.

We've always been a welcoming nation but we've been taken advantage of in recent years.

Enough is enough. Time for two things:

1). No more. Don't bother coming, to most people, I think its fair to say new immigrants (irrespective of reason) are no longer welcome. A self serving, self absorbed little 'elite' group insist otherwise - You are wrong. Its ok for you people on your high salaries with your 'bought and paid for' homes to tell the rest of us which views to take. Doesn't make you right though.

2). A purge. We should check every single 'immigrant', check their status, whether they have any involvement with criminality, whether they're a contributor or detractor when it comes to society and then decide whether they should stay or go. None of this messing around with immigration tribunals (which are a joke), either in or out. If they're out - put them on the next flight out of here.

This has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. I make no comment about a particular nation, colour, creed or religion. All i know is that I'm sick and tired of people taking advantage of our good will. I'm sick and tired of overcrowding, lectures about what I can/can't think or say.

To hell with it. This country belongs to those born here. End of.

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