Wednesday, June 06, 2007



A mother has been fined for abandoning her two young children alongside a busy dual carriageway on a winter afternoon.

The 44-year-old left her daughters, aged six and nine, on Northumberland's A69 after an argument.

Police were called by concerned motorists who had spotted the children at the roadside in January.

The woman admitted two charges of abandoning or exposing a child to unnecessary suffering and was fined £2,000 by Hexham magistrates.

What kind of a mother does this to her kids?

I don't know what I find most offensive - the action or the punishment.

Doesn't work in a punitive way nor does it work as a deterrent for other terrible parents.

I'd have locked her up for life. The risks she exposed these children to in such a way indicate she's clearly not stable enough to raise them and who knows what happens behind closed doors.

Another portion of 'justice' served by the state.

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