Tuesday, June 05, 2007

John Prescott:

I've just seen a brief report about John Prescott on BBC News 24.

It said he has Pneumonia and was now in a high dependency unit.

This doesn't sound good.

I'm about as far from a Labour supporter as you are likely to get but I've never really had an issue with Prescott.

Ok, so he had his affair, something I don't approve of. He's also supported New Labour, something I also don't approve of, he's also held on to the Deputy PM position when he should have resigned/been fired.

That said, He's one of the few senior Labour politicians I would wish well in these circumstances.

He's a character and doesn't seem like an arrogant prick (unlike most of his colleagues). He also gave the idiot who threw an egg at him what he deserved.

Here's hoping he recovers.

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