Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Goodbye Blair

I'm not a fan of Blair, I never have been.

Just seen his speech in Parliament this afternoon.

Over the years I've said my bit on each of his plans, policies & actions.

He's made some poor decisions which have cost us all dearly. He's lied to us (intentionally or not) and he's took us into a number of wars. Some valid, some not.

That said, I do admire the way he bowed out today. It was odd to see him going after all this time. I was pleased to see the applause from all sides of the house.

I have a bottle of Glen Morangie here and I think a drop is in order. Not as a celebration more to toast the end of an era.

The question is of course, what happens now? What is Brown going to do now he has his prize?

I'm not a fan for various reasons but will judge him (as I suspect most will) on what he does. Lets hope its for the better.

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