Monday, June 25, 2007

Hundreds trapped by flooding in Sheffield

June. A time when we can expect warm weather, blue skies and little rain.

June 2007. Hundreds trapped by flooding in Sheffield

Emergency services are mounting a major rescue operation after hundreds of people became trapped in their workplaces by rising flood waters in Sheffield.
People stranded inside buildings told Sky News how they had watched helplessly as walls were pulled down and cars swept away by torrents of water raging outside.

There seems to be an increasing number of these "freak" weather events around the world.

Welcome to climate change.

[Update 20:49]About an hour ago I saw one of the Sea King Helicopters flying over, presumably to aid in the rescue. It was an ominous sight. The more information that comes out, the worse the effects of this sound. Sky News are reporting that these floods are far more widespread than first thought and could affect other areas of that region.

I wish everyone involved all the best. These aren't areas you would expect to have problems with flooding.

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