Saturday, October 14, 2006

21st Century British Racism

Just been reading this story on the BBC website. Lets digest this one as we go through it -

Codie Stott said she asked to be moved from a science group where she was with five Asian pupils - only one of whom spoke English.

Sounds perfectly reasonable. Although I don't see why an English pupil in an English school should be put in this position. Why didn't the others speak English? How was the course being taught if there was more than one language in the class?

Of course, we don't know how it was said but nonetheless, that is not racism!

The 14-year-old was questioned in a juvenile unit before being released without charge.

Oh, how gracious!

Codie said: "I asked the teacher could I change groups because I didn't understand them and she said I was being racist and started shouting at me."

Harrop Fold High School, in Worsley, is investigating before deciding on what action to take.

Perhaps they should suspend the teacher pending investigation into their potentially racist reaction to a pupil wanting to be educated properly?

A complaint was made and she was taken to a police station.

By whom? On what basis?

her fingerprints and DNA samples were taken and she was put in a cell.

Which will be held on record for the rest of her life.

The school said it wanted to ensure it had a caring and tolerant attitude to pupils of all ethnic backgrounds and it did not stand for racism in any form.

Except against the white English kids?

Greater Manchester Police said it took hate crime reports very seriously and its treatment of the teenager was in line with normal procedure.

So normal procedure for dealing with children requesting a proper education is to arrest them, fingerprint and dna test them then to be locked up in a cell?

Astonishing. Sickening. Just look what the PC brigade have done to this country.

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