Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Agreeing with Ming

Sir Menzies Campbell today said that those involved in the death of Terry Lloyd, the ITN journalist killed by US soldiers in 2003 should be extradited to the UK.

This has already been mentioned on this blog and I have to say, I am in total agreement with him.

Once again, Mr Blair refused to comment:

"For very obvious reasons, I think it would be very wrong for me to comment on anything the attorney general might do, in relation to that case"

I have to assume that those "very obvious" reasons are not to upset the US. Heaven forbid he upset Bush! No, its far better to allow the death of a journalist go unpunished than jeapordaise our 'special' relationship.

We all know the 'official' reason for this is not to discuss something which could be sub judice but lets be realistic, Its never going to happen and as no proceedings are in place, surely to comment on whether action may be taken is perfectly acceptable.

This also highlights once again the apparent one way extradition agreement between the UK & US.

Its time this government acted in the interests of its citizens, not those of foreign powers.

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