Friday, October 27, 2006


As I thought from the moment the first news broke, It would appear that the CPS have now taken the view that Mohammed Abdul Kahar is not guilty of downloading or creating child abuse pictures.

After what appeared to be a smear campaign by unknown parties when it became abundantly clear he was not a terrorist, Its been quietly announced that he has no case to answer. Interesting to note there is no fanfare this time, no blaze of accusatory publicity, barely a mention from those involved.

I'd like to think the Metropolitan Police have instructed the Directorate of Professional Standards to investigate the leaking of false information to the media. Also, its about time the proportionality of hundreds of officers raiding a suburban home was scrutinised.

What was the so-called intelligence that led to this operation? Who (or what) was the source?

Time was most of us would readily accept the secrecy of such activities on the basis that it protected sources and methodology. Personally, I feel that in some cases (such as this) those days have long since passed.

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Anonymous said...

The deafening silence from the British media speaks volumes

I am glad this was reported, afterall it has confirmed my initial suspicions that it was indeed a smear campaign by the metropolitian police and the powers that be to draw attention away from such a major incident that sent shock waves through the Muslim community living in Britain, the majority of whom had known the brothers were innocent right from the start.

If I recall correctly the innocent Brazilian [Jean Charles de Menezes] who was shot seven times in the head by armed officers at stockwell tube station was also smeared with similar reports calling him a rapist. Both incidents underline how ruthless the British SS have become, they are not ashamed to add insult to injury with the kind of tactics they currently employ, to cover up their mistakes. Personally I think this country has gone to the dogs, with all the freedom and liberties it once enjoyed slowly eroding away, while big brother tells you how it's "for your own safety" it is indeed evolving into a police state - just watch this space.