Sunday, October 15, 2006

Veil Teacher 'should be sacked'

Should she be sacked asks the BBC headline today.

Only a week ago the story broke of Jack Straw's comments about the veil.

At the time, I posted this

So some Muslim women want to wear a veil. Big deal, thats up to them! We don't tell half naked sweaty men to put their shirt back on in the streets. That, to me is an unpleasant sight! We don't tell chavs to stop wearing their tracksuits and Burberry tat.

So why pick on Muslim women? Is it because they are an easy target? Is it to drive further wedges between Muslims & non Muslims in the UK?

So you can imagine my surprise and sheer dismay to see this woman being interviewed yesterday by Peter Sissons. Which went something like -

"Did you wear the veil when the man interviewed you for the job"

"Do i have to answer all the questions?"

After a protracted dicussion she admitted she didn't.

Personally I was appalled at her attitude and felt she had created this situation to make a point. I'm in full agreement with Phil Woolas on this one.

At a time when relations beween Muslims and non Muslims are already strained, this woman's behaviour is absolutley inexcusable. She and her supporters should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

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