Friday, October 06, 2006

What is Jack Straw up to?

I have to say I'm somewhat bemused at the Jack Straw story circulating for the last 24 hours.

Its fair to say that whilst I don't share his political outlook, he's obviously a reasonably intelligent man and an experienced politician.

So it begs the question - why did he decide to make the statements he has?

Now this is not me questioning his right to his opinions. He's certainly entitled to them.

What does surprise me is that he's went so overboard on what is a tiny, trivial issue which was always bound to blow up into a big arguement.

So some Muslim women want to wear a veil. Big deal, thats up to them! We don't tell half naked sweaty men to put their shirt back on in the streets. That, to me is an unpleasant sight! We don't tell chavs to stop wearing their tracksuits and Burberry tat.

So why pick on Muslim women? Is it because they are an easy target? Is it to drive further wedges between Muslims & non Muslims in the UK?

What purpose does this debate serve?

There are times where practicality or legislation dictates these must be removed. I'm sure that on those occasions they are. If they aren't, its quite right to refuse the service or to deny the request being made.

That goes without saying.

So why say it?

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