Tuesday, October 24, 2006

EU Expansion

Do you want more?

Have you ever had a say on the EU?

Other than the vote in the 70's (which I understand to be for an entirely different beast), the people of the UK have never really had a say on the corrupt organisation at the heart of our continent.

Today there is the discussion about limits on Romanian and Bulgarian citizens working in the UK.

Personally I don't object to immigration but I do draw the line at what is essentially uncontrolled mass economic migration.

We're told this is good for the economy. We're told immigrants do jobs we don't want to.

Tough! We're a small island with very limited resources.

Is it really right that people who have never contributed to the UK are able to come here, pay a few quid in income tax and experience all the benefits this country has to offer?

Forget pointless rules or unenforceable legislation Mr Reid! Give US, the British people a say in what happens to our country - NOW!

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