Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Guilty Conscience?

Firstly I think its right to say that I don't approve of the Iraqi war and although I supported going into Afghanistan at the time, I feel it has been poorly handled and under supported by all governments.

We've all read reports recently about the tough time faced by the British Army in Afghanistan in particular.

So is it surprising that the government are now giving them preferential treatment to other citizens?

UK forces in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans will receive cash bonuses to pay off their tax bill, Defence Secretary Des Browne has announced.

The £60m scheme would ensure everyone on dangerous operations for six months or more would be better off, he added.

He told MPs the £2,240 tax-free bonus would be backdated to April this year.

I feel obliged to say I mean no disrespect to our troops, they aren't to blame for their political masters. That said I'm not sure they should get a tax break the rest of us aren't entitled to.

They chose their occupation just as all workers in the public and private sectors have.

Seems to me this is either a cynical ploy to reduce the negative PR associated with troops reporting what life is really like on the ground or a guilty conscience at the heart of government.

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