Tuesday, March 13, 2007

BT: Bloody Terrible

What a shambles.

This company is an absolute disgrace.

If only I could ditch them entirely.

Sept 06: Take a chance and migrate to BT Broadband. Seemed like a reasonable deal.

Dec 06: Service deteriorates. Long, convoluted, pointless process with overseas script readers.

Feb 06: Establish BT have changed the product to my detriment without any notification.

Feb 06: As per terms of contract, service finally canceled within minimum term. Migrated to another ISP. Told bill would be held, adjusted accordingly then issued.

March 06: Electronic bill arrives for £115. Being incorrect and not itemised at all, email sent to BT stating that it should be ammended as per above.

March 06: Email sent from BT saying that it was a "monthly payment plan settlement invoice". As I only pay line rental to BT, there is no chance whatsoever i will remain paying them £48 per month. Replied explaining details.

March 06: Email saying "we can't see a cease order on your account". As a customer, I shouldn't "have" to know this but they do not raise a cease for a migration.

March 06: Call BT, as per usual, massive call queue.. "ring, ring" for 20 minutes with the occasional comment from their idiotic annoucer "we'll answer as soon as possible" - If it was as soon as possible, they'd have already answered the damned call! Get through eventually, person can't help. 45 minutes into the call and have got nowhere.

What a shambles.

If only I lived in a cabled area, BT wouldn't get a look in. This archaic, capitalist nightmare just can't hack life in the 21st century.

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