Saturday, March 17, 2007

Comic Relief

I've just got back from work.

Last year, we used some of our resources to get staff taking calls for Sports Relief.

This year we decided that it went well so we would again field calls for the event.

Was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and we raised a small fortune in a short period of time.

More than that, having taken many calls myself, it was great to find out that there are so many generous, compassionate people in this country. Not just those donating but people like us, giving up our time to help out.

Its easily forgotten when we look at the depressing stories in the media just how good the people in this country are when we want to be.

That said, I think its only right to pass some form of comment on the subject matter itself.

I think last nights episode of The Apprentice showed where things are wrong:

People were making casual decisions about spending £25,000 or £150,000 on tickets for a fairground as if it were equivalent to spending 50p on a newspaper. At the same time, billions of people around the world are in desperate need of medical treatment, food, shelter, clean water, protection from violence etc.

The inequality in the distribution of wealth at every level should be tackled. But no rich country will ever intentionally make itself poor to help raise the standards of life in another.

Its things like this which make me question the value of capitalism. It seems greedy and selfish. Thats because it is.

Ok, thats my Bono bit over. I think i'll call it a night!

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