Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I'm a subscriber to the Newsnight email service.

Somewhat cryptic comment about tonights lead story -

I'm afraid we can't yet give you any details about the story we're leading the programme with tonight but it's a shocking story and it's well worth tuning in for.

They don't mention cash for honours at all in the email.

Is this another revelation? Are we having a repeat of last Friday night at this very moment? Is it something entirely different?

Updated 07/03/07 22:26 -

Story is this -

Drunk, aggressive female chav causes criminal damage & resists arrest.

Is (allegedly*) hit by Police in an attempt to "subdue" her.

The statement by the officer concerned explains she was violent towards him.

Quite frankly, Its about time the police did give these scum a kicking again.

Perhaps they'll think again.

Of course, this means the filthy slapper is now likely to end up with some compensation.

Oh, and it gives the black supremacists (i.e. everyone else is a racist brigade) ammunition.

Thanks Newsnight but I wish you'd just explained the nature of this non story before. I could have had an early night!

*Its not at all clear that she is indeed being hit by the officer. The criminal (convicted) doesn't claim this (doesn't remember apparently, guess overdoing it on the Brandy does it for you).

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