Monday, March 05, 2007

Injunction: Stop messing people about

I've just been reading that a decision has been taken to "relax" the injunction on the BBC so they can name those involved in the email saga.

Enough already!

Either its prejudicial to a possible trial or it isn't.

Censorship of this type should be ignored.

Now Downing Street are "disputing" the "story" yet none of us are allowed to hear the detail.

What a crazy state of affairs.

This country, supposed bastion of liberty and democracy is those things in name only. Men, accused of Rape for example are named, in circumstances where it is later shown the woman was a liar, these men have tarnished reputations for life.

Yet when It comes to the little elite who ru(i)n this country, its a different story altogether.

Message to the CPS, Judge, Police & Government: Take a shit or get off the pot.

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Jeremy Jacobs said...

"This country, supposed bastion of liberty and democracy"

Bastion of Bulls**t more like.