Thursday, March 15, 2007

Patientline: Parasitic capitalism

Most of us are familiar with the disgusting Patientline service enforced on those in NHS hospitals.

This greedy parasitic company is now facing up to the consequences of its extortionate costs.

In addition, the NHS is about to finally allow patients and visitors to use their mobile phones.

Its always been well known in the telecoms industry that the impact of these devices on equipment is minimal.

I've had cause to try and contact people in hospital over the last few years and have been charged a small fortune just to see how they were doing.

I'm sure others have too.

They also charge at least 3 x the standard rates for outgoing calls from hospital.

Of course, staff have (by and large) been totally brainwashed into believing quite the opposite.

Shows what happens when you allow people without a clue to dictate policy.

Finally, just take a look at the performance of the shares for Patientline (below):


James Miller said...

It's funny but yesterday when the latest Patientline story broke about the NHS being prepared to allow mobile phones in hospitals, I received the first UK Pump and Dump scam.

It's detailed on my blog at :-

I should also say that a couple of years ago, I spent a day in a hospital ward waiting for a minor op. The nurses were driven mad, by people ringing the ward directly to avoid paying the excessive charges.

As Newton said "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

Shutter said...

Go here

for (very) interesting news on this company