Sunday, March 04, 2007

Injunction Update

Since it was revealed on Friday that the Attorney General had obtained an injunction against the BBC, the blogs have been widely speculating as to the nature of the story.

The Sunday papers seem reflect this speculation, i.e. that the story centres on an email between "two of Blair's senior aides".

Which two "senior aides" have been arrested so far?

What specifically does this email say?

Are charges imminent?

Where is Blair this weekend? What about the rest of the cabinet or the usual Sunday morning mouthpieces?

There has been some speculation that this could have been leaked by sources from Downing Street to allow for a defence of an unfair trial. As a result, we don't want to give them any ammo, to that end, until this is resolved I'm turning comment moderation on this blog.

That said, I'd like more people to participate more in this blog, so feel free to leave your comments, just might take a little time to appear!

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