Monday, January 08, 2007

Ruth Kelly should resign

Recent rumours of Minister sending their child to a £15,000 p/a private school have been confirmed.

It would appear that religious crackpot Ruth Kelly[2] is sending one of her little darlings to a private school for children with special needs after "rejecting state provision as inadequate".

All very well you might say, its a free country, its her choice. On the whole, I would usually agree, but when you consider that Kelly was Minister for Education & Skills between 2004 & 2006 it becomes a different matter entirely.

On top of this, the Times report -

"One of the minister’s officials refused to comment when approached by The Times. The minister is understood to have sought the help of the Press Complaints Commission, the industry’s voluntary regulator, to block publication of all details that might identify him or her".

This isn't to protect the child, the press have no interest in the child, its to save herself from justifiable condemnation.

Kelly, do something slightly honourable - resign, now. No delays, no protracted scandal - just fuck off and don't come back.

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