Thursday, January 04, 2007

Anti Smoking

So I'm trying to quit smoking.

Decided on New Years eve that would be my last pack.

The final one was smoked on Tuesday morning.

It was a tough day so I "borrowed" one from a colleague, same yesterday.

So at that point I'd simply cut down (from ~15 a day to 1 wasn't too bad).

I've now managed to reach the 24 hour point and am surprised how good I still feel without one.

That said, It really doesn't help to see pictures of cigarettes on websites, in newspapers and worst of all - in anti smoking adverts.

At this delicate stage I don't want to think about these at all. Can't help thinking that these adverts do more harm than good.

To the the anti smoking campaigners - we know what smoking is, must you really show us?!

And a quick hello to my extra visitors today. Trust you are all well!

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