Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ming is right

Tomorrow is the Commons debate on Iraq.

Instead of being present to explain his decision making process, the latest strategies & our response to George Bush's plan to send more troops to the country, Tony Blair will be attending a CBI Conference.

This government have always put business first and now Blair is using it to justify his absence from a debate he should attend.

Labour MP John McDonnell said that it was "shocking negation of his responsibilities.

Sir Menzies Campbell said that Blair had a "public duty" to be there.

He said it was nearly four years since he had last opened a debate on Iraq, since when 130 British servicemen and women had died and, according to UN estimates, 34,000 Iraqis had been killed in 2006 alone.

"In these circumstances the British people are entitled to hear your analysis and strategy for withdrawal," he wrote.

"I consider that on an issue of such gravity the public are entitled to hear the party leaders."

They are right. Blair is a national disgrace (not that we didn't know this already). His belligerence is astounding. He seems to be getting more stubborn and cocky by the day.

Lets hope Yates of the Yard can wipe that inane grin off his face.

Maybe one day he'll face up to his actions. I doubt it.

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