Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I don't belieeeeve it!

This then this - how convenient.

Do I believe there was a conspiracy to kidnap the soldier? No idea - how could I know anything without reviewing the evidence.

Can't help thinking just how convenient it is to bump Levy from the headlines. I also consider just how little I trust the little cabal at Downing Street these days - wouldn't it be very handy to have a few of these little "operations" just waiting to be acted upon?

Makes the Home Office in particular but also MI5 and the Police look 'tough' and 'switched on' - the Home Office especially needing this 'silver bullet'.

I want to know why this was done today. Why not yesterday or two weeks ago? Why not tomorrow?

I'm suspicious. Scandalous to think you can't even trust the Government in such serious matters because of their past actions.

Cameron was right - it IS time to go Blair.

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