Sunday, January 14, 2007


It would appear that Tony Blair blames everyone but himself for the state of the world today.

I've recently tried to ignore the comments of this idiot because he's finished and what he says should now be irrelevant but he should not be allowed to get away with this kind of accusatory statement -

"Tony Blair has turned the blame for his disastrous military campaigns in the Middle East on anti-war dissidents and the media.

Warning it would take the West another 20 years to defeat Islamic terrorism, the Prime Minister used a wide-ranging "swansong" lecture on defence to denounce critics and the media who have been a thorn in his side since the invasion of Iraq.

The Prime Minister rejected as "ludicrous" the notion that removing two dictatorships in Afghanistan and Iraq and replacing them with a UN-backed process to democracy had made Britain a greater target for international terrorism.

"They now know that if a suicide bomber kills 100 completely innocent people in Baghdad, in defiance of the wishes of the majority of Iraqis who voted for a non-sectarian government, then the image presented to a Western public is as likely to be, more likely to be, one of a failed Western policy, not another outrage against democracy."

Acknowledging the public backlash against the Iraq war, Mr Blair said: "Public opinion will be divided, feel that the cost is too great, the campaign too long, and be unnerved by the absence of 'victory' in the normal way they would reckon it.

But the Prime Minister added: "They will be constantly bombarded by the propaganda of the enemy, often quite sympathetically treated by their own media, to the effect that it's really all 'our', that is the West's fault. That, in turn, impacts on the feelings of our armed forces. They want public opinion not just behind them but behind their mission."

Quite frankly this nonsense does not justify or warrant a normal critique.


He is the one who lied, sent our soldiers in to die and is personally responsible for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of innocent civillian deaths.


For the love of god, democracy & decency - remove this bastard from office now. Drag him out of number 10 and give him a taste of his own medicine.


Get him to your war crimes tribunal - NOW and charge him with the variety of offences his is understood to have commited including illegal invasion of a sovereign nation against the U.N charter.

There is a better discussion about his speech here

Next - It would appear these filth now want to create yet another invasive I.T. project without offering the electorate any say:

"A giant database of people's personal details could be created at Whitehall under government plans which ministers say will help improve public services.

Tony Blair is expected to unveil the proposal in Downing Street on Monday.

Strict regulations currently prevent one part of government sharing personal information it holds with another.

Ministers argue the data-sharing rules are "overzealous" but the Conservatives say relaxing them would be "an excuse for bureaucrats to snoop".

So-called citizens' panels will gauge public reaction to relaxing privacy procedures so people do not have to repeat personal information to different public bodies - particularly at times of stress such as a family death".

What the FUCK is a citizens panel? Don't you think if you want MY data your should ask ME.

What has happened to this country? Who does this government represent? It would appear it only looks out for itself and for its business contacts.

With all this spin, lies, outright deception, crazy legislation, emotional blackmail, etc is there anything positive to discuss about the UK?

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