Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The BBC report that Police are now using Merchant Shipping Act of 1854 to stop people "scavenging" on the beach in Devon.

Normally, I'd be quite happy to see someone get "something for nothing" but in this case, I have to say I'm disgusted with this behaviour.

Taking something without it belonging to you when you are clearly aware it doesn't belong to you is tantermount to theft, no matter how you dress it up.

The sight of these greedy, grasping pond life should sicken and embarrass everyone in this country - It just isn't cricket! Did you see the footage from a helicopter of people swarming around containers like ants or dragging boxes across the beach?

Now we read they are selling this stuff on Ebay.

I think they should be ashamed of themselves and I hope that the police identify and prosecute those who don't declare they have picked this stuff up.

I hope the owners demand their property back.

Above all, I hope they manage to limit the damage to the environment in that part of the country.

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