Saturday, January 06, 2007

Could all escaped prisoners please raise their hands!

What can we say about this one?

Apparently, the head of the Prison service doesn't know how many prisoners are on the run.

But don't worry folks, now this has been pointed out, they're working on it.

After all, there are always "lessons to be learnt" from these scandals, aren't there?

And this government expects us to trust them with more and more of our personal data.

What happened to this country? Wasn't it once somewhere we could be proud of?

At exactly what point did the lunatics take over the asylum? Was it 2nd May 1997 or before?

Is it time we had a wholesale clearout of all senior government and civil service positions, reduce the salaries for these roles by 75% and got people who can actually do the job in place?

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