Thursday, January 25, 2007

How long does Blair have left as PM?

What with the ongoing cash for peerages investigation, paedophiles not being sent to jail & the comments of a weak-sounding PM, I'm starting to wonder if Blair has much time left at Number 10.

Even if he somehow clings on to power until summer, just what can he/we celebrate about his time?

  • Iraq
  • Obvious rise in crime despite "tough on, tough on the causes of crime" - is this New Labour's "back to basics"?
  • Obvious increase in waste at bodies like the NHS despite record funding
  • Stealth taxes
  • The CSA
  • The Home Office
  • Housing most people can't afford to buy
  • Failing public transport systems and congested roads
  • Total alienation from politics to more people than ever in recorded history
  • Lets not forget - the Millenium Dome, Mandelson, Prescott, Reid, Blunkett, Jo Moore, Lord Levy & all the rest

Blair, when you go, I hope its with a smile on your face. I know there will be on mine - and a rare bottle of champagne to celebrate.

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