Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Sunday Politics

So, It would appear Gordon Brown finds the manner in which Saddam Hussein was executed to be deplorable.

Fine Gordon. Here's what I find deplorable -

-The illegal invasion and occupation of a nation under entirely false pretences.
-A man who only speaks out about the fate of the dictator he helped capture and execute.
-A man who thinks he is the next leader of Labour but won't insist or demand the current leader pass comment.

He seems to think its a big deal that someone should go to their death being subjected to fairly basic abuse. He may be right in that but lets be honest, that has always happened in executions, public or not.

I'd much rather that than to be blown to pieces by a suicide bomber. How many of those existed in Iraq pre "Operation Iraqi Freedom"?

He's quoted as saying "Even those people unlike me who are in favour of capital punishment found this completely unacceptable" - well Mr Brown, you don't speak for me. I don't approve of the comments at the execution but I quite frankly couldn't care less about Saddam and any hurt feelings before they dropped him through the trapdoor.

I suggest if you want someone to blame, you look in the mirror.

Apparently, Nick Brown thinks Gordon would "renew Labour". Does that make them New, new Labour?

Not sure what this guy is on but its as if he doesn't quite understand just how much people loathe the entire Labour party these days.

He is quoted as saying "We've been in office a long time and there's a sense we are starting to lose our way"


Losing their way?!

Nick, do us all a favour, please, jump off the Tyne Bridge rather than represent the constituency.

All of the stories doing the rounds really fit into this category but how about this for a "You couldn't make it up"-

"Keeping patients in hospital too long takes up the equivalent of 13,000 beds a year and costs £1bn, a think-tank has estimated.

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) says the bed space and money could be saved if more care was provided outside hospital.

Cutting the number of locations where specialist services are offered would also help, it said".

Nice to see these non medical twerps are taken seriously, isn't it?!

Another round of bollocks from our elected and unelected rulers.

The futures bright, the futures Brown.

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