Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I'm watching the BBC News at 10 (god knows why).

A trend I've observed all evening (Sky & BBC) is that those who are given airtime fit into the following categories -

  • Muslim - Old and Young - Representing "local community" views.
  • "Experts" - Usually in terrorism or Islam
  • Correspondents/Reporters
  • The Police
What I want to know is - Where are the views of the majority of citizens in this country? Do we not have any right to "respond" to this alleged threat within our country?

Of course, you may remember the surge in violence against Muslims in the wake of September 11th and July 7th - is it the case they are worried they may not find views which fit in with their "message"?

I want to know what the majority of people think about "multiculturalism" and "integration" - particularly in light of such events.

Why are the media so scared to report the views of the majority?

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