Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nick Robinson - Biased?

I've often read posts about Nick Robinson's bias on a variety of subjects.

Usually I don't buy it.

However, I've been reading his recent post about "our" options for Iran.

Having read his post the closest he comes to saying anything about our unwarranted intervention is "What should Britain's role be? To oppose military action in all circumstances" and then goes on to list the views of the same old wankers who caused us to go into Iraq.

How about this Nick - We mind our own bloody business and let them build weapons if they want to. Alternatively, we destroy our own first then start lecturing others.

Seems to me Nick you have already decided that Iran are in the wrong and all that is up for discussion is what approach we ought to take.

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Anonymous said...

Nick seems to think he is a law unto himself, and that he makes the decisions.

I watched him recently, he seemed to think he knew who was going to be in Gordon Brown's new cabinet, there was no point Gordon assembling it himself, he may as well of called Nick Robinson!

An online petition has started asking Nick to change his biased ways, its small at the moment, but I'm sure will grow.